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I first became intrigued by HydroSilver when I learned about its effectiveness in reducing injuries caused by vaccinations. After witnessing the impressive results of our potent HyperSilver in treating various ailments, we decided to introduce HyperGold to address some of the lingering symptoms of long covid, such as brain fog and fatigue. The goal is to restore vitality to individuals experiencing these debilitating effects*

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In 2001, I had the opportunity to journey to Egypt and explore the lesser-known site of Serabit Al-Khadim. It was here that the earliest remnants of monoatomic Gold, a substance shrouded in mystery and revered as the 'Elixir of Gods', were unearthed. This incredible discovery left me captivated, and a deep desire to recreate this elusive substance has lingered within me ever since. However, it is only in recent times that I have finally succeeded in refining a method that comes close to achieving this remarkable feat. The journey to unlock the secrets of the past continues, and I am thrilled to be a part of this quest to unravel the enigmatic properties of monoatomic Gold.

guiding annual journies to Egypt.

Egypt has a long-standing tradition of incorporating gold and silver in medicinal practices. Throughout its rich history, these precious metals have played a significant role in Egyptian medicine. The ancient Egyptians believed in the therapeutic properties of gold and silver, and they utilized these elements in various forms. Gold was often used in the treatment of mental disorders, as it was believed to have a calming effect on the mind and promote clarity of thought. Silver, on the other hand, was commonly used for its antiseptic properties, as it was believed to possess healing and purifying qualities. The Egyptians would often create intricate potions and salves using these precious metals, which were then applied to wounds or ingested for their medicinal benefits. Today, the legacy of Egypt's use of gold and silver in medicine continues to fascinate and inspire researchers and historians alike. Please make contact if you'd like to join my next journey to Egypt planned for October 2024.